Canskate 2019/20

Registration will be open on September 1.

The program will run Oct. 3-Feb. 20 (18 weeks) 

Cost: Monday Precanskate @ 5:40 $200.00(Includes SC fee),all other sessions are $295.00 (Including SC fee)

​Sessions will run on the following nights:

Monday 5:40-6:10 (pre-canskate for 3-4 year olds

Monday 6:10-6:50 (4 years and up) 

Wednesday 5:30-6:10(4 years and up)

Thursday 6:00-6:40 (4 years and up)

Thursday 6:40-7:20 (4 years up)

Registration is not on uplifter it is done through the front desk at SMC.

St. Margaret's Bay Skating Club

Fall Figure Skating Brochure 

Email Charleen to answer any questions:

Summer Figure Skating Brochure 2019

Saturday Sept 6

Sessions are cancelled due to pending storm