Canskate 2019/20

Registration will be open on September 1.

The program will run Oct. 3-Feb. 20 (18 weeks) 

Cost: Monday Precanskate @ 5:40 $200.00(Includes SC fee),all other sessions are $295.00 (Including SC fee)

​Sessions will run on the following nights:

Monday 5:40-6:10 (pre-canskate for 3-4 year olds

Monday 6:10-6:50 (4 years and up) 

Wednesday 5:30-6:10(4 years and up)

Thursday 6:00-6:40 (4 years and up)

Thursday 6:40-7:20 (4 years up)

Registration is not on uplifter it is done through the front desk at SMC.

St. Margaret's Bay Skating Club

Email Charleen to answer any questions:

Fall Figure Skating Brochure 

Summer Figure Skating Brochure 2019